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Hispec Lighting


PM2.5 Laser Scattering Sensor

Real-time monitoring via TUYA app

Remote alarm via app notication

Adjustable sensitivity

WiFi connectivity

Easy installation

Comes with 2.5m USB-C cable

Comes with plug adaptor

Hispec Lighting


Our exceptional Vape Detector seamlessly adapts to a broad spectrum of locations where vaping is either discouraged or strictly forbidden. It effortlessly integrates into diverse environments such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools, and corporate offices. By doing so, it not only ensures optimal air quality but also serves as a steadfast guardian in preserving spaces that are entirely free from vaping and smoking disturbances, upholding the desired ambience and health standards of the establishment owners.

Welcome to the future of air quality management with our cutting-edge Vape Detector. As the vaping trend continues to rise, ensuring a clean and vape-free environment becomes essential, especially in hospitality, education, and business sectors. In today's fast-paced world, hospitality venues, educational institutions, and business environments face a common issue: maintaining air quality and promoting a healthier atmosphere for employees, students, and visitors. The rise of vaping poses a significant challenge in these sectors, as it not only compromises air quality but also raises concerns about health risks, distractions, and a negative impression on clientele.

The Hispec Vape Detector is here to address this challenge, providing real-time monitoring and immediate alerts when vaping is detected; allowing administrators to monitor and react to policy breaches instantly.

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