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Outdoor battery  camera doorbell WIFI
Outdoor battery  camera doorbell WIFI

Outdoor battery camera doorbell WIFI

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Product code: L2H-BellBattery

With the BellBattery you can answer your front door from anywhere. Get instant alerts when someone presses the doorbell button or the motion sensor is activated. With full duplex two-way audio, you can see, hear and talk with your visitor using the Link2Home Pro app. The BellBattery emits its own tone outside the home and can be easily linked with the L2HBellChime (sold separately) for inside your home.

Instant alerts

The BellBattery sends an instant alert when the doorbell button is pressed or if it detects motion and sound. Any changes outside your home are instantly alerted to your device.

Voice Control

This BellBattery is fully integrated with Alexa Echo Show and Google Screen devices including Google Chromecast. Just ask your smart speaker to access your camera device by saying “Alexa show me the front door” or “Hey google show me the front door on the living room TV”.

Detailed view

The BellBattery streams Full HD, 1080p content to your device. With the ability to get a 145° wide-angle view of the area, zoom in and enhance, you will be able to see every detail. This is the same day or night thanks to Night Vision LED sensors which let you view the whole scene at night. The CMOS sensor also provides better image clarity compared to CCD Sensors.

Bell Chime

The BellBattery emits its own exterior audible tone when the doorbell button is pressed. It also sends an instant alert through the app with sound and is compatible with the L2HBellChime (sold separately). The L2HBellChime allows you to choose from 4 additional tones, emits a 120dB alert, can be installed up to 20m away from your doorbell and is powered via USB.

Built-in microphone & speaker

This lets you tune in to what is going on, and talk back via the Link2Home Pro app. So, you can see who’s around and respond.

Get alerts on your phone

If your BellBattery detects something irregular or regular, you can receive an activity alert on your smart phone with a snapshot of what happened. You can record video clips of activity using the inbuilt memory card* function or cloud service**.


Everything about the flex camera is private. Using security with 128-bit SSL encryption.

Quick and easy set up

The BellBattery can be easily set up outside your home. Simply install the mounting bracket, charge your BellBattery, download the Link2Home Pro app and set it up from your Android or iOS device. No hub required.

All weathers

The BellBattery is weather-proof so it will always keep monitoring, come rain or shine. It has its own built battery power supply that can last up to 3 months based on 10 activations per day. The battery can be recharged via the USB charging cable with the option of a permanent power supply available.

Put it anywhere

With no wires needed the BellBattery can be placed anywhere around your front door or other area. The mount can be fixed to wood or masonry using the screws provided.

Smart features

Using the Link2Home Pro app you can set up a range of Automation features including recording during specific times or BellBattery to trigger another device. Such as if the BellBattery detects movement or sound but no one rings the bell turn on a bedroom light or other.

*Memory card

Use the inbuilt MicroSD card slot (sold separately) to record events or stream video 24/7. Based on event recording:

Using a MicroSD card:

16GB Micro SD Card – up to 3 days
32GB Micro SD Card – up to 5 days
64GB Micro SD Card – up to 10 days
128GB Micro SD Card – up to 21 days

**Cloud Service

With an additional cloud subscription (sold separately) you have 24/7 monitoring with key events recorded. So, you can scan through up to 30 days of event video history to see what you’ve missed.

System requirements:

Wi-Fi connection

Mobile or tablet with iOS 8 or later, or Android 4.1 or later

Free Link2Home Pro account


Camera Doorbell WIFI


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