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Kewtech KEWCHECK 103 Socket Tester with Audible Tone

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Kewtech KEWCHECK 103 Socket Tester

To use, simply plug the tester into the socket you wish to test. The three LED lights integrated into this socket tester will then light up in a certain way depending on what's detected, and the product will either emit a continuous, warbling or no tone depending on what's detected.

All of the possible indications are displayed on the front of the Kewcheck 103 to aid with easily understanding the tester.

It can display the following:

Correct Wiring - Continuous Tone, Three LED Lights Lit Up
L-E Reverse - Warbling Tone, One LED Light (Right)
L-N Reverse - Warbling Tone, One LED Light (Left)
N Fault - Warbling Tone, Middle and Right LED Lit Up
E Fault - Warbling Tone, Left and Middle LED Lit Up
L Fault - No Tone, No LEDs


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